Puppies and litters

”E”litter        born 24.05.2012

na strone

Father:   Thendara  Satisfaction

Mother:  Int. Ch. Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP


EVENFLOW ANGIE  Diamonds & Rust  –  ”Angie”

EVENFLIW FEVER Diamonds & Rust   – „Fever”

EVENFLOW GEORGIA  Diamonds & Rust – „Rosa”

EVNFLIW  IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust – „Emma”

EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds & Rust – ” Diana”


EVENFLOW DESIRE Diamonds & Rust – „Dusty”

EVENFLOW Dimonds & Rust – „Diesel”

EVENFLOW FREESTYLER Diamonds & Rust – „Joey”

EVENFLOW SAMMERTIME Diamonds & Rust – „Sparrow”

EVENFLOW SMOOTH Diamonds & Rust –  ”Smooth”

EVENFLOW WONDERWOOL Diamonds & Rust – „Dylan”

EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds & Rust – ” Diana”


The ancestors:








































12 weekd old

10 weeks old – blue boy.

10 weeks old – grey boy.

Puppies are ready to live in new homes. They are full of energy and they are waiting for love.

5 weeks old.


First time out on the garden.


4 weeks old



Puppies are growing like a weed. They can spend hours and it is not boring.






We are happy to inform that Draka now has 11 puppies. Now we have an “eleven” – a football team – ready to play at incoming UEFA Euro 2012. Draka takes care of her children and they grow really fast and healthy.

For more photos visit our blog: http://evenflowspringwakeup.blogspot.com/p/mioty.html