About us…

Irish Setters amateur kennel.



Although our kennel is officially new, our friendship with Setters goes back far in the past. It is hard to believe but it all started in the last century, in early-80s. We were so enthralled by Setters from my friend’s uncle’s kennel that one day “Bona” Epikryza came to our house. Although it was my brother who was her rightful owner, she was “ours”. “With Krosno” kennel was established, and puppies were born. It was in such strange times that there could be only six puppies registered in a litter (as it was believed that a bitch could feed no more), but in ours there were seven dogs born. In light of ZKWP regulations one should have been eliminated, but we committed a “crime” and did not submit to the inhumane rules – no extermination was carried out. My dreams came true – I got a puppy. It wasn’t maybe the best time to take a puppy as our son was soon to be born. My mother nodded her head in disapproval and tapped her finger against my forehead predicting trouble. Nevertheless, the desire to have a redhead prevailed over common sense. Trouble stayed – I mean the puppy was named “Kłopot” meaning “Trouble”. Fortunately, he did not cause any major problems; sometimes when I only left the baby on a bed for a moment, he would jump silently on the bed to lick him, would eat up from my children’s hands (my daughter was born soon as well), would knock them over trying to play, hit them with his tail or would steal and chew their toys. One of the first sentences often uttered by my son was “Popop inton!” meaning “Kłopot idź stąd!” (Polish for “Trouble go away!”). On the other hand they also ate up out of his bowl, put their fingers into his eyes, pulled his ears or lay on him – the dog tolerated it all without a shadow of anger. Kłopot lived with us for 10 years, unfortunately he died of cancer, just like his mother.


We lived without a dog for almost a year. The kids begged for a puppy, they swore they would take good care of one and would even lick the floor off its pooh (that was to be an argument for it). Finally, there was a new litter in a kennel nearby – we decided that one puppy would be ours. And he’s been with us for 14 years now. Rudolf – Alwar Harpol, a gorgeous dog with a wonderful personality. I do not know myself why he has never caused any problems. There was no time for a proper training but somehow he is a model of a disciplined dog. He has been travelling with us everywhere: to Croatia, to a glacier in Austria, to Hungary, Masuria, or the Bieszczady Mountains, and he has never caused any trouble. He has also let us know the pleasure of success in dog shows. He is the father of two litters in “Ad libitum” kennel. A very good dog!


Finally Draka – Even Flow Spring Wake Up. The children have flown the nest and have gone to colleges, so she fills the empty space. She has conquered our hears. In this infatuation, I have even started her blog: http://evenflowspringwakeup.blogspot.com/ . She was the reason for establishing this kennel.


Our symbiosis with Irish Setters thrives and I hope there will be some further chapters…