17.05.2017.  – International Dog Show Rzeszów

Fever ( Thendara Satisfaction x Evenflow Spring Wake Up)






12.11.2016. CACIB Kielce – Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust – ex. CAC, CACIB, BOS.

13.11.2016. CACIB Kielce -Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust -ex.  CAC, res. CACIB.


 18.06.2014. International Dog Show in Kraków our “Fi” – Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust ( Thendara Satisfaction x Evenflow Spring Wake Up) won CWC, , CACIB, , BOB and BOG 2 (Judge Jimmy Hogan IE).



International Dog Show CACIB Rzeszów 21.05.2016 Judge: Jadwiga Konkiel (PL) : Mother and daughter were shown in the same class (champion) – this time won the daughter Emotikon smile EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust “Fi” – CACIB and BOS, Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP “Draka” res.CECIB



 Happy Birtday Draka !



22.11.2015 CACIB Kielce   Our Fifi – EVENFLOW FEVER Diamods & Rust ( Thendara Satisfaction x Evenflow Spring Wake Up) ex 1 in champion class, CAC,CACIB and BOS ( judge by H.Hikisilta from Finland).



18.10.15. CWC Krosno – Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust ( M. Olejnik) ex.1, CWC. BOS.


04.07. 2015 CAC Velka Ida -Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust (j: S.Szabo) – CAC, BOS,
5.7.15. CACIB Velka Ida (j. J Jursa) – CAC, CACIB, BOS and our Fever became Champion of Slovakia.

Obraz 054-001




After a few months of waiting Fever became diploma interchampion. :)


Happy Birthaday! – our dogs finished 3 years old.


21.02.2015.   CACIB Cluj-Napoca

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS.

22.02.2015.  CACIB Cluj-Napoca

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – ex1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB.

Fever  has been a champion of Romania and filled the criteria for the title of International Champion!



2.o8.2014. CACIB Zakopane (s. L.Salamon)

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust -ex 1 ch.class, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BOB, BOG III.



5.07.14. CAC Velka Ida:
Evenflow Spring Wake Up : Draka” – CAC, BOS and Championship of Slovakia is finished.
EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust ” FiFi” – CAC
6.07.14 CACIB Velka Ida:
EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – CAC, BOS and CACIB.



24.05.2015 Vestlandets Fuglehundsklubbs show (j.Judge Knud Vigo Jensen (Denmark)

Evenflow Desire Diamonds & Rust ” Dusty” in open class – Exc, best dog, class winner.



International dog show at Ålesund -Norway 3.05.2014.

Evenflow Desire Diamonds and Rust “Dusty” – Exc, best male dog in open class



Pointing dogs CLUB SHOW  Rzeszow 03.05.2014
Judge John Thirlwell (UK)
Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust ex.1 intermediate class.
Evenflow Spring Wake Up ex.2 champion class.

DSC_0827-001 DSC_0796-001


13.04.2014. Próby Pracy Wyżłów – Niepołomice EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds & Rust ” Diana” – dyplom I stopnia! – Gratulacje dla właścicieli!





EVENFLOW ROXANNE DIAMONDS & RUST  “DIANA”EX.1 CWC ( Diana is Champion of Poland!)



15.02.2014. CACIB Rzeszów ( P. Williams UK)

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – Ex.1 CWC , CACIB.


9.11.2013. CACIB Kielce   (M. Vaclavik (Cz)

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust ” FiFi” ex.1 CWC res.CACIB

Evenflow SPRONG WAKE UP „Draka” ex.1 CWC

 29.09.2013. CACIB Wrocław

Evenflow Roxanne Diamonds & Rust “Diana” ex.1 CAC

22.09.2013. National Show of Hunting Breeds – Łowisko

 Evenflow Fever Diamonds & Rust opened the Polish Championship – ex1,CAC,Winner

and her mom Draka  Evenflow Spring Wake Up – ex.1 CAC.


22.09.2013. CAC Radom

WVENFLOW IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust ” Emma” – intermediate class  ex.1, Winner

1.09.2013.  CAC Przemyśl ( j. Jan Ryk)

EVENFLOW ROXANNE Dajmonds & Rust ” Diana” – intermediate class ex1 CAC


31.08.2013 EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – Hunting tests for pointing dogs  – first degree diploma – the best of British pointer.

11.o8.2013. CACIB Sopot (  j.D. Witkowska)

EVENFLOW IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust – J. class ex.1 JW


13.07.2013r. CACIB Warszawa ( V. Piskay)

EVENFLOW IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust – ex.1 JBOB . JBOG.

6.07.2013. International Dog  Show Velka Ida ( Slovakia)

Evenflow Spring Wake Up – Ex.1,CACIB, BOB, BOG III.

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – ex1 JBOB, JBOG II.

29 -30.06.2013.

EVENFLOW DESIRE Diamonds & Rust “Dusty”

HOBI Trophy’13 (Rusne/Lithuania), judge Ing.Leos Jancik (Czech Republic) : Dusty got EXC, Best Junior, JN, BOB.

Rusne Summer ’13 (Rusne/Lithuania), judge Mgr. Bozena Ovesna (Czech Republic) – Dusty got EXC, Best Junior, JN, BOB

 Dusty  closed  Lithuania Junior Championship !


CACIB Kraków EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds & Rust  – Ex II – junior class.


National Gun dog show in Palanga (Lithuania), EVENFLOW DESIRE Diamonds and Rust  “Dusty”  both days  Ex.1, JCAC, JBOB, Best junior.



 National Dog Show Lublin ( J. T. Chwalny)

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust  Ex.1, JW, JBOB  – “Fi” Polish Junior Champion

Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP – ex.1 ch.class.


 EVENFLOW WONDERWOOL Diamonds & Rust “Dylan”  Swedish Kennel Club Show in Vänersborg – the Best Male


2.06.2013.  National Dog Show Krosno

Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP  –  BOB, BOG II and The Best Dog of branch Krosno ZKwP

EVENFLOW Diamonds & Rust “Diesel”  ex.1 Junior class, JBOB.

EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds & Rust “Diana” – ex.1 , Junior Winner.


Vestlandets Fuglehundklubb – Vestlandets Gun Dog Club Show

Evenflow Desire Diamonds & Rust “Dusty” – Exc 1, CK, Best Junior, Best Male Dog


Vestlandets Fuglehundklubb – Vestlandets Gun Dog Club Show

Evenflow Desire Diamonds & Rust “Dusty” – Exc 1, CK, Best Junior, Best Male Dog, BOB!


Our pupps – litter “E” are one year old.



CAC Radom, 19.05.13.  Evenflow Imagine Diamonds&Rust
Judge: A.Winiarska (PL)
junior class: ex. II


CACIB Łodz 05.05.13

judge: L.Salamon( PL)

EVENFLOW IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust ( Thendara SATISFACTION x Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP) – Junior Class: ex.I, J. Winner, JBOB.


Club Show of Pointing Dogs –  Wrocław 27.04.2013.

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust  – ex.1 Junior Club Winne.r

Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP ” Draka” – ex.1 champion class.

CAC Lublin 21.04.2013.

EVENFLOW ROXANNE Diamonds& Rust “Diana” ex.1 Junior Winner

EVENFLOW Diamonds & Rust ” Diasel” ex. 2 – junior class


CAC Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 23.03.2013.

EVENFLOW IMAGINE Diamonds & Rust ex.1  J. W.

International dog show Kristiansand 16.03.2013. ( jude Anne-Marit Olsen )

EVENFLOW DESIRE Diamonds & Rust –  ex1 Best Junior.

Dusty with his owner.

International Dog Show Ktowice ( 15.03.2013)

Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP – ex.2 Res. CACIB

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamonds & Rust – ex 2

National Dog Show Jarosław ( 10.03.2013.)

Evenflow SPRING WAKE UP ” Draka” ex.1, BOB, BOG II.

National Dog Show Jarosław ( 10.03.2013.)

EVENFLOW FEVER Diamods & Rust ex.1, JBOB, JBOG, BIS Junior IV.


National Dog Show Jarosław ( 10.03.2013.)

EVENFLOW Diamonds & Rust ” Diesel” ex.1 , CAC

Our Evenflow DESIRE Diamonds & Rust “Dusty”, who lives in Norway at the International Dog Show in Vilnius (2-3.03.2013.) – BOB Junior

Cacib Rzeszów 02.02.2013. (judge: Leszek Salamon)
Evenflow FEVER Diamods & Rust – Puppy clas –


International Dog Show Kilelce 11.11.2012.

EVENFLOW IMAGINE diamonds & Rust – Best Puppy .

CACIB Poznań 21.10.2012. ( International Dog Show)
Judge: Chris Hancook
Grade: Wybitnie obiecująca, lokata I
Title: Best in breed

We are happy to inform that all our puppies are now with they new, loving owners. We wish them a happy life!

CWC Legionowo 14.10.12 ( National Dog Schow)

Judge: Tadeusz Chwalny
Class: Baby
Grade: Wybitnie Obiecująca, lokata I
Title: Best puppy in a breed

Judge: Tadeusz Chwalny
Class: Baby
Class: Wybitnie obiecujący, lokata I

My little green boy Dusty (Evenflow Desire Diamond & Rust) achieved his first success in Norway – BSBK national dog show: Best male puppy, Best of Breed, Best in Group – 2 (between groups 4-6-7). Thanks Lina, I am now very proud and happy breeder. :)



Evenflow Smooth Dianonds & Rust
(Pra4- clear, PRA1 -free, CLAD- free)


Our puppies start its career in the show ring. 09/08/2012 at the National Dog Show in Warsaw in baby class were: Evenflow Diamonds and Rust Smooth – Very Promising lock and – best puppy and Evenflow Imagine Diamonds & Rust – lok I – Very Promising.


Puppies are 1 month old. Every day they discover and experience something new , and we can observe their daily development.


Our puppies are now three weeks old.. They opened their eyes, can hear, walk,  bark, already have teeth, they are playing with each other, but above all ( this mades me wonder and delighted) they go to pee and the heap to the designated place. Good pups!!!

A day has come!

We are happy to inform that our puppies are born. It was on 24/25 of May. It was a magical night. Now we have 6 boys and 5 girls. All are healthy and wonderful! Mummy is tired but proud – taking care of the babbies. Daddy – Jagger – now can get his satisfaction (Thendara Satisfaction)!


Today, the ultrasound confirmed that our Draka Int.Ch. Evenflow Spring Wake Up (Sh Ch JW Lochfrae Ralph Lauren, Ronzalda Electra of Evenflow) and  and “Jagger”– Thendara Satisfactin (GB SHCH, BOB Crufts 2010, Int Ch, Multi Ch Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles, Thendara Vanilla Ice JW) will have puppies  05.25.2012.
I am very, very happy.

Easter 2012



We are glad to inform that a meeting was succesful, and we are waiting for results.

It was also a time of Draka’s third birthday :)



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